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What does it mean to be "Intrepid"?  We think it means to be a Leader, to be Bold, Dynamic, Adventurous, and Spirited.  

Intrepid Wealth Partners is obsessed with helping people enjoy life through financial planning.  We specialize in working with Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business Owners, Startup Employees, and your families.  We love working with creative people who are trying to make the world a better place through the problems they are solving.  We understand the risks you take, the long hours you work, and the sacrifices you make to create something of value.

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To support the entrepreneurial community, our founder created Intrepid Charitable Partners, Inc., a charity (private foundation) that receives a percentage of profits from Intrepid Wealth Partners each year to give back to causes we are passionate about.  Giving to those venturing into the world of being an entrepreneur, we are closing the loop from startup to community, exponentially impacting our communities through this process.

Currently we support the following causes:

  • Wisconsin YES Competition
  • Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship, South Africa

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