You sacrifice today to achieve more freedom.

Yet, you find yourself;

  • Juggling too many things
  • Struggling to filter all of the financial information out there
  • Unable to find the time to do the things you truly enjoy
  • Not knowing where to begin or who to trust
  • Talking to multiple professionals who are supposed to simplify and optimize your finances, but you come out of every meeting even more confused

If you are a business owner or a high achiever and are experiencing any of the thoughts above, something has to change. This sacrifice should be expanding your freedom for yourself and the ones you care about, not stripping it away. If it isn't, then what is the purpose of the sacrifice? 

You deserve to Thrive, not just Survive.

Furthermore, if the money you are making is not being spent intentionally on what truly matters, you are not only sacrificing today, but you are ROBBING your future self and future generations of a better life. This lack of clarity and intentionality continues to compound little by little every day.

And the true cost of this is when you are sitting in your office alone late at night working on an aspect of your business or job you do not enjoy when you should be spending time with your family.   

Your Virtual Financial Advisor and Leader

At Intrepid Wealth Partners, we love helping Intrepid people and high achievers because we embody those characteristics as well. The members on our team are entrepreneurs and trailblazers just like you. And we have learned through our own triumphs and failures what it takes to create a truly amazing life.

Our mission is to help you make more informed and intentional financial decisions that make you feel relieved, confident, self-assured, empowered and great about your wealth.

Watch this fun & inspiring short video for a taste of living your best life today & tomorrow.



Our Philosophy: Financial Advice 3.0

At IWP, we believe that at the core of the most impactful financial plans is YOU. After all, wealth is really just a tool to make your life better.

  • No more shady salespeople
  • No more confusing financial plans that rarely get read
  • No more feeling like you are just a number in a large database

And bring in simple to understand plans and concepts that are meant to bring YOU to your hopes, dreams and goals. We achieve this by adhering to the following principles.


Coordinated Financial Planning

See us as your financial guide to navigate the various aspects of financial planning. We bring relevant professionals into the conversation as well so you know that your plan is being integrated along all the relevant financial topics.

Experienced, transparent, trusted

Our team of CFP professionals are here to build lasting relationships. This is why we adhere to the highest ethical standards within the industry and are fully transparent about our services and costs. See Pricing


Financial Planning Focused on YOU

We help our clients realize their hopes, dreams, and goals so you can live your best life today & tomorrow. We want to know you are your story before we even discuss finances. Doing so allows us to truly understand what is important to you and properly guide you to your desired future

Streamlined and Customized

We do this with highly customized and tailored solutions for your specific needs by blending expert human advice with robust technology. This combination allows us to focus on the right things so you can get back to spending your time on what matters most. 


Intrepid Wealth Partners is generally known as one of the pioneers of working virtually with clients. This allows us to connect with you and build your plan, regardless of where you are in the world. By not being location dependent, our processes are more streamlined, giving you more freedom to spend your time on the important things in life.


The first step is to see if you fit the profile of the people Whom We Serve, if you do then the next step is to schedule an introductory virtual meeting to get acquainted.

We'll know within this first call if working together makes sense. We will learn about you and you will learn about us to make sure we are a good fit.

If we don't like each other, we won't trust each other.  If we don't trust each other than none of the other stuff matters.



Meet our Founder

Derek N.H. Notman, CFP®


I was born in Ireland to a South African mother and German American father. I have a passion for world travel and adventure and believe it or not was actually compared to "The World's Most Interesting Man", although I am not sure I deserve it!

A few bits about me:

● Triple Citizen
● World Traveler and Delta Million Miler
● Husband, Father, Patriot
● Car Enthusiast
● Aspiring Surfer
● I love the United States of America
InBusiness Magazine's 40 Under 40 Class of 2019

● Money Nerd

I love helping my clients leverage their money to live their best life today & tomorrow.

As a Virtual Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner® Professional I serve clients from coast to coast through my virtual model and love working with Intrepid World Travelers who love adventure as much as their country.  I am open to working with people who share similar passions and philosophies on life, not to mention people who love dogs, yet limit the amount of clients we serve at any given time.

Please think of me and the Intrepid team as your expert virtual wealth partner feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.



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