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Intrepid Wealth Partners is leading the way as the Virtual Financial Advisor practice of the future.

Embracing an entirely virtual model puts us apart from the rest of the pack.

As a Virtual financial planning practice we are able to save our clients time & money while being able to help you regardless of physical location.

By combining robust technology with human advisors we are helping improve all aspects of financial, investment, and insurance planning for our clients. 

What does it mean to be "Intrepid"?  We think it means to be a Leader, to be Bold, Dynamic, Adventurous, and Spirited.  No wonder we have developed a cutting edge way to work with our clients, regardless of where they and we are physically located.

Our passion is to empower people to enjoy life today while still planning for tomorrow.  We specialize in working with self-minted millionaires who love to travel the world in luxury.

Come join us, it's better here....

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    The Leverage of Financial Planning can be Very Powerful - Especially when it is done Virtually.

    Introductory Chat

    This is simply an introductory chat for us to get acquainted and determine if working together makes sense for both of us.  If we like each other, share similar philosophies and interests, and just feel like we would work well together we then use the following meeting structure to take you through our comprehensive financial planning process.


    Initial Meeting:  Typically takes 30-60 minutes

    This meeting is all about you.  The primary purpose of this meeting is to point you in the right direction, or confirm you are already headed that way.  It is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to learn more about your desires, your hopes, dreams & goals for the future. 

    We will also do a high level review of your financial situation to learn more about what you are doing, etc.  If we agree we would like to work together we will sign a financial planning engagement detailing the work we will be doing for you.  You will be given access to your own eMoney dashboard which starts with an onboarding process to help us learn more about your current situation, including the input of all your current accounts.  Remember, put good in, get good out.


    Second Meeting:  Typically takes 45-60 minutes

    We use this meeting to review your current financial situation, confirming your hopes, dreams & goals for the future as well as the information you input is accurate and complete.  We conduct an initial analysis of your current financial situation to establish a baseline to compare to alternative solutions later, even ones you may have thought of.


    Third Meeting:  Typically takes 45-60 minutes

    This is a great meeting to test results in advance to see what will work best for you and your money given your unique situation.   We compare your current plan to a variety of alternate solutions, going over each one and figuring out which aspects you like and dislike about all of them. 


    Final Implementation Meeting:  Typically takes 45-60 minutes

    In this meeting we review the final financial plan solution, highly customized for your situation, that is based upon what you wanted and liked from all the options we previously discussed.   We then review an implementation letter which gives you a road map to make all of this a reality.  At this time you are free to implement the solutions by yourself, with another advisor, use us, or some combination of all of them.

    Curious to know what our financial plans look like?

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    Annual Review Meetings:  Not less than once a year

    Now that you have a plan in place it is important to update it on a regular basis,  Life happens and we want to make sure we update and adjust your financial plan as needed.  Plan on meeting with us no less than once a year to review and chat about any changes that may have happened in your life.  Your eMoney dashboard will automatically update daily, allowing us to monitor your financial life and contact you if we see anything that should be addressed.  Don't worry, we don't charge you any extra for virtual meetings, calls, or emails.  You have us 365 days a year!



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    About Our Founder

    Derek N.H. Notman, CFP®


    I am married to my lovely wife Amanda.  We have an 8 year old son (going on 16!) Neary, and a rescue dog, Barley, who is an English Setter that we rescued from Lebanon!  We love to travel, meet new people, and try new and different types of food. 

    Learn more about me and the Intrepid team here.

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    Our Logo

    Sic Viresco:  "Thus I Flourish"

    This is the motto our founder's family has used for generations.  The picture of the oak tree in our logo is part of our founder's family crest which symbolizes strength, stability, and prosperity, all while pursuing new growth. 

    We believe the statement, "Thus I Flourish", encapsulates everything it means to be a CEO, Founder, and Business Owner.

    This tree symbolizes how we work with you, providing a solid footing while helping pursue, protect, and manage new wealth.

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