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Transparent pricing.

Know exactly what it costs for our services.



No surprises.

All prices are spelled out and agreed upon by you before you engage our services.


Unlimited access.

You have unlimited access to us and our technology - at no additional cost.


Hiring us for your financial planning & investment needs allows you to focus on your business & family.

Our prices are less than ~90% of advisors in the industry.*

How can we do this? 

Running a Virtual Financial Advisor practice allows us to drastically reduce our overhead, we pass these efficiencies on to our clients.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Initial Price

1.00 %

Of Net Worth or Household Income (Whichever is less, minimum of $750)

Subsequent Fee


Of Net Worth or Household Income (Whichever is less, minimum of $750)

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Hourly Financial Planning

Flat Price


(Up to 12 hours a year)

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Asset Management

Advisor Price*

$0 - $1,000,000


$1,000,000 - $3,000,000


$3,000,000 +


(Based on Account Balance)

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Direct access to a CFP® professional for guidance on life events

Starting, scaling, or exiting a business?

Make sure to prepare your finances for all the unique challenges and benefits of your business journey.

Getting married or having a child?

Save for college, prioritize family goals, select life insurance, and discuss your estate plan.

Managing equity-based compensation?

Understand your plan, walk through possible tax implications, and manage the potential risks.


Plan for your transition from saving to spending, and create a tax-smart withdrawal strategy.

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Direct access to a CFP® professional

For guidance on the following topics

Specific questions based financial planning for:

  • Budgeting
  • Major Purchases
  • Debt Management
  • Social Security

Personalized advice

For things like budgeting and major purchases to decisions on managing your debt and figuring out social security.

Ideal for the “do-it-yourselfers”

Already working with another advisor?

Use us for a second opinion on the above topics

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Personalized investment advice

Know how much to invest, your recommended asset allocation, and more.

Low-cost, domestic or globally diversified investment portfolios

Invest in a large selection of funds, at various levels of risk,to help meet your objectives.

Automatic rebalancing

Maintain your target allocation when the market causes it to shift.

Available tax loss harvesting to increase your after-tax returns.

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